Theme Features

​Welcome to the Loft theme for Vend e-commerce, a striking, modern and professionally designed storefront with a myriad of customisation options to match your brand or four beautiful presets that you can immediately start with today:
  • Entirely custom built for use with the Vend e-commerce platform
  • Built specifically with mobile in mind, which most of your customers will now be using
  • Easily customise typeface, font size, font and page colours, store images, hover effects, labels, functionality, social integration and much, much more!

Throughout, the theme features:
  • Immediate 'quick buy' functionality to allow direct purchase from product listing pages - even your homepage!
  • Full integration with the extensive Google fonts library
  • Directly integrated product image zoom (included in the 'Quick Buy' feature too!)
  • Featured product images directly in drop-down menus
  • 'Sold Out' and 'On Sale' stickers on product images
  • Store text title or logo image options, with accompanying tagline text and a variety of alignment choices
  • Highly customisable page footer
  • Selectable hover effects on product images for desktop computers

Customise your homepage with:
  • An 8-image slideshow featuring fade or scroll transitions and a range of navigation options
  • An eye-catching homepage advert block displaying up to five linked promotional images, which you can also include on your collection pages
  • Selectable slideshow navigation and shopping cart icons
  • Multiple product grid layouts for your homepage/collection pages, customisable at a range of display viewports
  • Prominent customisable message text (which you can also show across all pages)
  • Embedded homepage Instagram feed, searchable by user or hashtag

And, of course, the theme includes as standard:
  • Integrated SEO and accessibility alt-text for all slideshow and advert images
  • Fully translatable text throughout the theme using your Vend theme settings
  • Easy sharing options to spread your site or products through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Fancy and YouTube
  • Store-wide product (title and description) and page-text search functionality

Four included presets: